About Darcy Wedd

Darcy Wedd knows what it’s like to be resilient. He has made patience, focus, and hard work the foundations of a successful and holistic life. As a businessman and entrepreneur, Wedd has built a professional world from scratch while remaining true to his roots.

It was neither a short nor easy road to success for Wedd. Coming from humble origins in Dampier, Western Australian –– a small mining town of just over 1,000 people –– Darcy moved to Sydney for work in marketing and communications at 25. As the third hire in the new company, he eventually worked his way up to gain an ownership stake and equity for his hard work. Envisioning an opportunity for business growth, Wedd made the hard decision to leave family and friends to take a chance in the U.S.

Wedd’s professional acumen allowed him to make massive strides in the tech and consumer industries. He strategically sold 60 percent of his business to Silver Lake Sumeru, a world leading private equity firm, and also acquired other tech businesses which allowed him to connect traditional mobile commerce with engagement solutions. Bloomberg News featured Wedd as an expert in ecommerce.

Since 2013, Wedd has focused on film production, and angel investments in technology start-ups. He has produced three films with stars such as; Susan Sarandon,  Courteney Cox, Justin Long, Sharon Stone, and Jason Momoa,  and is an executive producer on another feature film in development.

Aside from his business ingenuity, Darcy is a devout foodie and amateur vegan-inspired chef. He frequently experiments with vegan recipes that appeal to carnivores. In his spare time, Darcy still loves playing basketball –– a habit that stems from his semi-professional basketball career in his youth.

Darcy Wedd
Darcy WeddInvestor and Film Producer