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Creating & Sharing Value: A Holistic Approach to Business

Running a business that is productive, innovative, and responsive needs to be a priority for any CEO. While no two businesses are the same, certain strategies exist to set yours apart. Lately it has become evident that companies that are comprehensively committed to those they serve see numerous benefits, both financial and otherwise. It’s simply [...]

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Making an Impression: 8 Keys to Maintaining Business Relationships

The most important single ingredient in the formula of success is knowing how to get along with people. —Theodore Roosevelt Whether you’re just getting your start or have been in business for a while, the benefits of establishing and maintaining strong professional relationships can’t be overstated. Your upward mobility and capacity to get tasks done [...]

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The Healthy and Effective Habits of Successful Leaders

It has been said that there is no recipe for greatness. While it’s true that there is no one prescribed formula for leadership, many successful leaders have certain habits in common. Successful leadership takes more than luck and talent. Natural leaders certainly exist, but the most successful leaders are able to harness their innate talent [...]

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How Business Can Transcend Profit and Help Save U.S. Democracy

Since the last economic recession, the general public has become increasingly distrustful of corporate entities and their practices. Factors like the housing bubble, the impending deregulation of Wall Street, and plans to significantly reduce corporate income tax have only added to the discomfort amongst many U.S. citizens. Even a recent Gallup poll showed only 18% [...]

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Is The Future Vegan?

The vegan diet has continually grown in prominence: from a niche concern, to a countercultural movement, then to a full-blown phenomenon. The proliferation of meat-free food options in every major city shows how much the idea has caught on. With this trend on the rise, some commenters have predicted that a majority of the country [...]

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Natural Brain Enhancers & Organic Nootropics

In the popular movie (and not-as-popular TV show) Limitless, a struggling writer takes a pill that makes him a genius. He’s able to finish a novel in a matter of hours, solve complex math problems, and make huge winnings on the stock market. While the movie was a box office hit, you may not be [...]

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Positivity in the Workplace

Positivity in the Workplace Any business owner worth their salt will tell you that they want a workforce that is engaged and productive. It may sound unlikely to some, but multiple studies have shown that employee happiness is a proven way to increase both. A positive view of their work may well be the best [...]

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Hiring the Right Candidate for the Job

Changing times call for more innovative approaches to business and society. As work values change and Millennials become a more prominent demographic in the workforce, businesses are looking for new ways to shape and grow their workplaces. Part of a productive workforce and work space is to hire the right candidates for the job. However, [...]

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